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VIBC Sucess Stories


We pulled together a sampling of the success stories VIBC has provided for its clients. These stories represent VIBC's focus on optimizing benefit coverage for employers, employees, and individuals. We are happy to analyze your benefits and see if there are opportunities for you to save significantly. Remember, you do not have to wait until your renewal to make changes. Don't miss out on months of savings.


Or, feel free to ask your current broker to evaluate some of these strategies for you or your business. If you can improve your coverage and/or reduce costs, great! However, the next question you should ask your broker is why they have not recommended this in the past and how much money you have wasted because of this. The next question you should ask yourself is "Will my broker look out for me in the future and suggest additional opportunities as they arise?" We will.


Summary of Strategies Executed:

HRA Conversions

Strategic Change in Carrier

Conversion of Individual on Out of State PPO Plan

Short Option

PEO Change


Acronym Definition

HRA:      Health Reimbursement Account

MOOP:   Maximum Out Of Pocket

PPO:      Preferred Provider Organizations

PEO:      Professional Employer Organization


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